Happy New Year

How could I possibly look back on 2016 with anything but gratitude when I have these amazing humans by my side? I still haven’t figured out the secret recipe for balancing life with these beautiful, crazy, energetic girls. But I’m gonna keep on trucking into 2017 while soaking in every last drop of these delicious babies. 

Thank you all for being a part of this year and coming on this amazing journey with us. We appreciate the love and support from our online community so much. My brother in law Jeremy was so sweet to snap these photos of us for our last minute Christmas card. These adorable faces of the girls are almost too much to handle. 


My 2 turned 2

My two littles turned two and I really wasn’t planning to do anything for their second birthday party, but as you can see, it turned into a little bit of a thing. Hahah! Im glad we threw together a little something though, because it came out wonderful. 

My brother got married the day before, so with all my family in town, I thought it would be great to get together with everyone. 

We kept it pretty simple but I really enjoyed making royal icing sugar cookies for the first time, and also a beautiful paper flower wall. The girls seemed to enjoy it too! 

Watch video here


20 months

20 months is here and the girls are doing great! They seriously seem to learn something new everyday. I love watching them interact more with eachother and play with their toys, color books, splash in the pool and run around at the park. They just seem like tiny little people!! It’s the best. 

They’re really developing their own personalities. Gwen is sensitive and cuddly and so nurturing. She will hold and rock any and everything like its her little “baby”. And Gretta is just a tiny ball of energy and makes everyone laugh and smile. She loves being silly, exploring, and is sooooo busy. They are my whole world. 

I hope you enjoy watching these silly clips we’ve captured of the girls during this last month. Watch here


Let’s get real

It’s easy to get caught up in the assumption that everyone else has a perfect life and perfect kids and perfect house. And that their well behaved children never make messes in their interior decorated homes. And they always have a well balanced homemade meal ready for their husband who greets them with flowers and a kiss on their perfectly lined lips. But that’s not real life. 

It’s an “Instagram perfect” world that only exists for the camera and it’s impossible to compare to these zero-stretch-marked women. Come on people. Let’s get real. As women, we are already super critical of ourselves without the added stress of these beyond real expectations. 

You are enough. You are good enough. You are doing your best and that’s all you can do. Sometimes we need to relish in the small victory that we were able to shower that day, and not burn the house down… and that’s about it. But it was still a good day.  It was a perfect day. Not “Instagram perfect”. Just real life. 

    This is real life. It’s not glamour shots while curled up in bed at 4pm Eskimo kissing your baby. It’s no makeup and your husband’s t-shirt. It’s a messy house and sticky kids. It’s the most exhausted overwhelming love you’ve ever felt. But it’s real. And it’s mine. And I wouldn’t change a thing. 


Babies’ 13 Month Update

My littles turned 13 months! It really snuck up on me with the Holidays and everything. 

The biggest news is that Gretta has started walking!! I videoed some of her first steps. It’s so adorable because she is sooo proud of herself and wants to wait until everyone is watching and then claps for herself.  Gwen is still crawling and that’s just fine with me. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it eventually. 

 The girls are getting so big and their personalities are really coming out. They are just more and more fun everyday.

Thank you for watching.  



Babies’ First(ish) Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving vlog! I hope everyone had a great day. We celebrated with family and the girls were, of course, adorable in their little turkey outfits. 

I have so incredibly much to be grateful for and I just am overjoyed to have my babies here for the holidays. I know how heart breaking the holidays seem when you are struggling with infertility and I feel for you. My heart and hope are with you. I hope in no time at all those of you who are TTC will be holding your little turkeys really soon!

Even though we had the girls last year, so this is technically their second thanksgiving, they were super duper newborn and we didn’t even leave the house, so I’m pretending this is their first thanksgiving. I hope u enjoy watching this little vlog.


Our bathing beauties at the beach. 

Oh my gosh it was the best day!! Thank heaven for beautiful California weather, we were still able to enjoy a sunny beautiful day at the beach in Carpinteria. 

We took the girls to visit my parents (who were camping there for the weekend) and we had such a great time… Well… Gretta did. Gwen took some time to warm up to the idea of the ocean, and sand, and everything. But eventually she was splashing right along side her sister. 

I hope you enjoy this little video diary of our day in the sun.  



10 month update


Since the girls are nearly 11 months I figured it’s about time to put up our 10 month update. 
Things continue to be crazy around here, but so much fun! This is the best age and the girls get cuter by the second. They are crawling all over the place now which makes for an (even more) exhausted mama. Especially because they’re still not sleeping through the night. Gretta has a few times, but usually gets up at least once. But Gwen!! She wakes up 5 times a night still! Not even to eat or anything. What am I doing wrong? Ugh. So…. Tired… Can’t think straight. 
It’s a good thing they’re so stinking adorable!! 


Soooo…. We’re Moving!

Well, we already moved houses, but now the blog is moving too! I’m so excited, now Someday Mama is moving to our very own “grown-up girl blog”. Hahah. 

Subscribe to to get the latest updates from now own. And yes, I realize it is different spelling which is a bit confusing, but I made the mistake of registering for the site two years ago, but then never completed it and someone snaked it!! Oops. I didn’t even realize that could happen. 

I have no clue when it comes to computer or tech stuff, so be patient with me, as it is a work in progress. I hope to see u all over there on the flippity-flop. Click here to go to new site Thanks!